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With a sold out crowd in attendance, Kollaboration Acoustic 4 kicked off on August 27, 2010 with 11 performers and a hot lineup of special guest performers.

Special guest judge Marie Digby sang 3 songs for the crowd and even did a 1 hour meet and greet before the show for VIP ticket holders.  Autographs and photos were taken as each fan got a chance to talk directly to this rising star.  Marie started her sensation on YouTube and now has 3 records and an ABC mini-series coming out.

As performers sang their hearts out, each was just as amazing as the next.  But in the end, only 1 could win, and that was R&B Soul singer Dawen.  Taking home the $1000 Grand Prize, Dawen was outside afterwards selling CD’s and signing autographs himself.

Other great performances included Hippie Hippie Hoorah, Lily Bee, Alex & Jackie, Peony, Justis Kao, Esna Yoon, Johnny & Iris, Flow Ethics, Brian and Sarah Fang, and MissCarolinexoxo.

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Marie Digby Performs at Kollaboration Acoustic 4

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As my girlfriend quoted, “just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming….”  When my sister told me she was having her wedding reception in an aquarium, I had to say, “Really?  You can do that?  SWEET!!!”  I’ve never heard of an aquarium allowing this.  What a great idea and what an amazing  chance for cool photos. So my girlfriend Allison and I grabbed our bags and headed out to Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Amy_Clark_8Now first things first, I had to get lunch at Braums.  If you know me, this is a must every time I’m in Oklahoma.  Allison was amazed at the quality of the burgers and anxiously awaited the next time we would come back so she could get ice cream.  With Cherry Limeades in hand, we headed off to freshen up at the Doubletree Hotel at Warren Place.  Then off to Amy and Clark’s in Bixby for BBQ.

At Amy and Clarks, we got to see lots of friends and family that I hadn’t seen in a while.  The Bill and June had come in from Wisconsin along with Bill Jr., Paula, and the kids.  Oren was there minus Jennifer who was in Alaska en-route first thing Saturday morning.  The Greenwoods happily arrived, again giving me the opportunity to explain how small of a world this is being that I met Mike and Julie in California before they moved back to Oklahoma 4 years ago.  My aunts from Oregon and Australia braved the long drive in my parents car from Colorado, making this a BBQ from around the world.  Even Karsten made a detour from his 1 month roadtrip on his way back to Colorado. It was great to see everyone again, introduce them to Allison, and eat some really good Oklahoma BBQ.Amy_Clark_2

The day of the wedding reception, we all met up at the Oklahoma Aquarium, appropriately located on the only place in Tulsa I would expect an aquarium to be, on the riverside in Jenks.  As the public were still leaving the facility, Amy and Clark were near the reception area walking around.  What an great idea this was.  The tables were surrounded by aquarium tanks.  The florist had even decorated the kids tables with live hermit crab centerpieces.  The DJ had his booth set up off to the side, the food was in the center, and the delicious wedding cake was in front of the shark tanks.   This was perfect.  As people arrived, we started to get photos.  We got our family portraits quickly out of the way so that everyone could continue walking around and enjoy the aquarium.

After some amazing appetizers, more photos, and the cake cutting, we all sat down for a delicious Beef or Chicken meal.  What no Fish?  🙂

The DJ rocked his beats to the dancing of all the kids, and even Amy and her friend Ron did a little two stepping as some country music jumped on the speakers.  As guests left the event, a wishing tree sat at the front table where guests could write their best wishes and hang them on different branches.  The night was over, and good times were had by all.  It was my pleasure to photograph my sisters reception and I couldn’t have been happier to see all my friends and family again.  It was a great idea and I wish the best to Amy and Clark for all the rest of their years.  Cheers!!














Katie_Anthony_12The one thing I really enjoy about Engagement Sessions is all the different types of locations that one can go to in the Greater Los Angeles area.  Long Beach (not too far away but not exactly right next door) is one of those places I rarely get to go to.  Now granted I have been to a concert at the convention center, biked the Long Beach Marathon, and taken off on a cruise from their port, but I haven’t really taken a lot of photos down there.  

Katie and Anthony suggested maybe going down there to look around the pier, The Pike, and lighthouse.  Great idea, I thought, and it surely was.  There were a lot of great photo opportunities, and some not so ideal.  Note to self, The Pike will not allow “professional” photography as it is technically private property.  Unfortunate, but we found other places to go.


Right down the street was a great park over near the large Wyland painted Long Beach Arena.  Very nice colorful bridges surrounded by water made for a nice start to our 4 hour session.  We continued walking around toward the Lighthouse and park in front of the aquarium.  Being a Saturday, it was definitely a crowded day, so we strategically placed ourselves in locations without too many people.  The weather was also amazing, sun shining, no clouds, and a slight breeze to keep us from completely sweating while walking around.

As the sun started to set, and the Queen Mary slowly fading off in the background, we moved onto our final outfit and Katie and Anthony were still toughing it out.  They talked and laughed, while my assistant Ari and I continued to come up with interesting locations and backgrounds.  My particular favorite shots are the silhouettes, as sometimes a simple looking photo, screams 1000 words.  Hands held, faces pointed towards each other, still portray a strong feeling of love can be seen through the shadows.

Thanks again to Ari Zadok for helping out and thank you to Katie and Anthony for walking around to all the locations.  I hope you both had a great time and I look forward to taking more photos later this year.